A Moment With Me

Posted on January 18, 2020

It is winter. Sitting in a grocery store Starbucks shop. Eating honeydew chunks out of a plastic cup. Sipping a grande Earl Grey. Wearing a houndstooth driver’s cap. With a shiny Casio Illuminator watch on my wrist. Typing at a MacBook Pro that is plugged into the wall because it mysteriously drains power while off.

The plan for the day is to take care of a newsletter that invites everyone to vote for the Taos Pride board elections. We need to get people to show up and be involved. I also need to update the website for Taos Pride. Make it much more beautiful … hopefully. Then it would be great to get a little sketching or painting done. It would also be great to take some photos of the snow and streams. May go up to a trail in CaƱon. Want that stream/snow look.

Oooh! I need a haircut too! That may actually make me a bit more energetic. That might do the trick! Just need to get a few dollars out of the bank. Need to get that Poe Dameron look. Use my wiggly curls to some sort of advantage.

Thoughts About A Long Life

Life. I wonder what it holds from here on out. The likelihood of finding a partner is super low. Some people with happy partner periods of there life, find it valuable. Maybe I am lucky in being spared the eventual loss. From there, life is about doing something with it. Anything really. At least that is my take. I want to paint. I want to produce. I want to share. I want to explore. I want to exchange. I want to communicate. May as well get started on that now.

The Atlantic produced a nice little profile on Herbert Fingarette, a philosopher from California, who is asked to reflect a little on his life. One of his books deals with death.

He feels that there are some meaningless questions. One of them has to do with the meaning of life.

Maybe I need to work on a legacy. Something about life and living in this age. Some sort of interpretation. Some sort of correspondence with an unknown reader. An attempt to unravel the strings of motivations, circumstance, needs, disappointments, hopes, and feelings. I am not sure if it is for me, or for others. Probably for me. Who are we really kidding.

Let’s get started on a few little tasks.