Blanket Sketch

Posted on March 6, 2013

It was an interesting day for me. As I was doing my usual searching and reading along the internet I came across a few sites and ideas that helped me to cristalize a few questions I have had about making art in Taos. A very good friend with a native background offered “I hope you aren’t doing Indians in blankets” when I suggested that I wanted to start doing more portrait style images. For a while, I have been making abstract images. Many of them moved into the direction of seeming appropriate for fabrics.

I came across a site on Tumblr, S.O.L.O., that deals with style for southwestern native young people. There were a few posts about how some designers were appropriating imagery and dress of the southwest in relatively successful ways. There were also plenty of items that expressed concern with producers like Urban Outfitters and the rest.

I also spent some time exploring the weaving side of the Trujillo name. Last summer I visited the Trujillo Weaving Shop in Chimayo, NM. I have had a long standing interest in weaving and the design elements involved in the local style. The interest was sparked during a class that dealt with New Mexico art and culture.

Another spark came from viewing the work of István Sándorfi. At first I recognized a link with his floating nudes. At school I would paint nudes and occasionally leave the chair out of the image. The figure would simply float within the room. I noticed that I was also drawn to the draping of paper, slight cloths, and cheap blue blankets.

Here is a very quick sketch done on the iPad with Procreate.