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Cultural Identity 

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on July 4, 2017 in Photographs, Uncategorized |

What makes up a culture? Who decides the boundaries that keep one group in and another out? Is there such a thing as cultural ownership? Growing up in northern New Mexico exposed me to a set of very specific influences in the arts, faith, language, economic traditions and social values. What sort of influence do […]

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Easter Sunday Stroll

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on April 24, 2017 in Photographs, Uncategorized |
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Bosque de Apache & VLA

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on February 22, 2014 in Image Stream, Journal, Photographs |

A nice little valentines weekend trip. Spent the weekend in Santa Fe and Socorro. Jeff and I visited the Bosque del Apache on a day when there were no birds. It was beautiful. I was a little disappointed to miss the mass leap into the air of thousands of screeching winged things. Then again, the […]

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Trip to Peñasco and Beyond

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on January 14, 2014 in Photographs |

Gaah. I guess I have to write something about my trip to Peñasco. Jeff and I went to eat at Sugar Nymphs because of a very tasty looking photo posted on their facebook page. Post by Sugar Nymphs Bistro.   The bistro is a colorful little place with fantastic food. We both had shrimp po’ boys […]

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On the Trail of Kit Carson

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on January 6, 2014 in Journal, Photographs |

Jeff and I took another beautiful trip up to see the old Santa Fe Trail. We struck out for La Juna, Colorado to see Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site. On the way up we passed through Cimarron, The Philmont Scout Ranch, and Trinidad. Kit Carson statue in Trinidad, Colorado (1912) by Frederick Roth (horse) […]

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Black Rock Visit

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on January 6, 2014 in Journal, Photographs |

A few months ago I had a great road trip with Jeff to see San Ildelfonso Pueblo. It was beautiful with the fall colors and we got to sneak into a few places while wandering the landscape. San Ildefonso Pueblo (Tewa: P’ohwhóde) was established ca. 1300 C.E.. The traditional name for San Ildefonso Pueblo is […]

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Blustering and Blossoms

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on April 15, 2013 in Image Stream, Photographs |

The wind is blowing and the dust is being stirred up. I am just so happy that Spring is here. The buds from a couple weeks ago are bursting open with tiny colorful flowers. I am always a bit taken back by the willows and their long whips of green buds. They seem to sprout […]

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Taos Valley Overlook

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on March 17, 2013 in Photographs, video |

Took a nice little hike alone a few weeks ago. The sun was out and Spring was on the way. It snowed but the sun burnt through the stuff in a few hours. It was a good day to get out and enjoy … just enjoy. Sorry about the narration on the video. One of […]

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Pilar in Fall

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on October 24, 2012 in Landscape, Photographs |

Pilar (previously known as Cieneguilla) is a small town on the edge of Taos County. It is located along the rift that directs the Rio Grande through northern New Mexico. The name comes from the Spanish word “ciénaga” which means “marsh” or “marshy place”. The swampy ground is caused by several streams running across a […]

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To the Headwaters of the Rio Grande

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on October 7, 2012 in Journal, Landscape, Photographs |

Will and I took a nice trip up to southern Colorado to see some of the changing colors of the “foliage” along the roadside. We set off in the afternoon and caught some beautiful views as we passed through Tierra Amarilla as the sun was setting. We had to stop the car several times in […]

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Gallegos Peak

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on September 19, 2012 in Image Stream, Journal, Landscape, Photographs, Uncategorized |

A random afternoon jaunt to the mountains turns into a long mysterious drive down forest roads and through a stream because of a strange desire to see what is at the end of the road. It is Sunday afternoon and the colors in the mountains are about to change. The nights have been cool and […]

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Mesa Verde National Park

Posted by Enrico Trujillo on September 19, 2012 in Image Stream, Journal, Landscape, Photographs |

I have wanted to visit Mesa Verde for several years. My grandfather, George Gibson, painted a really amazing view of Cliff Palace. I remember noticing the beautiful arching rock formations and the details of the rooms and windows. At the time, the image and place really didn’t have a name in my mind. I think […]

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