Daily Drawing

Posted on May 21, 2019

Looks like I am starting up a daily drawing exercise. While I have done these in the past, I hopefully will keep this one up indefinitely. I don’t want to make the process exhausting or terribly important. I just want it to be a habit. Something that becomes part of my day to day life. Simply sitting down and taking a little time for myself.

Ultimately, these sorts of exercises are usually adopted to encourage practice, meditation, and the growth of skill. I guess that is part of my intention. Primarily though, I simply want to break through chunks of fear. Fear about having good things to show. Fear about failure. Fear about low quality. Fear that I don’t really have anything to share.

Hopefully I can simply push on through.

Drawing of the Rio Grande. Crossed by a bridge. Early sun.
River and Bridge

The drawing today is from a photo I took during a balloon flight over the Rio Grande. It was a unique opportunity to ride while students were taking video for a documentary project in the Digital Media Arts program at UNM-Taos.

I have been without my iPad for a while. I got it back yesterday. Whew! It was initially purchased as a clean and sharable sort of sketch book. I enjoy the clean and simple method of creating color images. Procreate does a pretty nice job of emulating natural materials.

For this sketch, I simply used a square, pen sort of shape. There really isn’t much texture to speak of. Simply focused on color and shape or outline. Just doing the least to get started.

I may give this image another shot with more expressive textures and up the variety.