First Snow

Posted on October 24, 2019

It is the first snow of the year in Taos. The white stuff is coming down strong. Visibility is low. People driving slow. Here we go again!

We will see if this year is as snow packed as last year. WE have had a bit of a snow drought for a while. Last year, the snow returned with a bit of a vengeance. Which made building my home a bit of a hassle.

Here is a sketch from yesterday. You can see that they sky is a bit gray. The day before, winds were strong. There was definitely a sense of changing weather. Something was coming our way.

Sketch of a building in the historic district of Taos.
iPad sketch of building in historic district of Taos.

I am bracing for a cold winter. I hope I can afford to heat my new place. Let’s hope for the best! Gotta pay my bills today and cancel internet.