How to not waste my time

Posted on May 19, 2019


What is wasted time? Hey, you can’t get back time. Your life is a non renewable resource. Stuff like that. Why not be selfish about it? Screw that whole idea about trying not to think of the world as a zero sum game. Don’t people have to loose when we are talking about lifetimes? Sure, it would be nice to think that people aren’t fighting over limited resources when it comes to living.

The next issue is figuring out what to do with that time you have wrestled away from others. Oddly enough, I like using my time on other people. It is actually the most fun stuff I do.

Ultimately, I would like to use more of my skills and knowledge to expand the scope of my life. Offering myself more unique experiences, access to new places and diverse people. While I love comfort and insulating myself from danger and some sorts of risk – It would be great to have “time” to go places.

My issue is probably just a lack of planning. I pretend to value spontaneity, and adaptability. Actually, I probably really do value spontaneity and adaptability. Sometimes I take a route through town simply based on allowing the person in front of me to guide me through town. I also order items off the menu without knowing what they really are, or complaining that it wasn’t what I expected. I don’t ask for condiments to be left off my fast food meals. Maybe I don’t like mustard all that much, but will be happy to eat it if the chef thinks it adds a little something.