Italianos Canyon Trail

Posted on May 15, 2012

I took a bit of a hike this afternoon with Will. It was a warm and sunny spring day. The trail was a few miles up the road on the way to Taos Ski Valley. Pulling off to the left pretty soon after mile marker 12 there is a small dirt incline that takes you immediately to a small parking area. Italianos Canyon trail has that fairytale sort of feel. The forest, stream, and trail weave back and forth as they rise at a comfortable pace.

Will has been interested in identifying the local flora. We stopped in several places to grab photos of the tiny bunches of flowers that sit near the edge of the trail.

At this altitude, these are the first days of spring. Fresh bunches of leaves are pushing out of young but almost bare branches. The air is alive with the scents of new life mingling with slight musk of steady decay below the forest floor.