Kenyon Portrait

Posted on March 10, 2013

I finally made it to the Taos Society of Portrait Artists group slightly early. I was actually able to set up my stuff before the crowd arrived. Unfortunately, I changed my mind about where I wanted to be and had to find a place next to the glaring front door and a bit back. It was nice though.

The model for the day was Kenyon, a young handsome Pow Wow dancing champion. Several members of his family sat for portraits in the preceding weeks. Of course, I wasn’t around for those. I always feel a bit odd doing a portrait of someone who is in costume. But this is more of a contemporary dancing competition presentation. The bright colors are there to be eye catching on the stadium floor.

Kenyon was a great model. It is not easy standing for 3 hours in a head dress, chest plate, and feathered back piece. He was even holding a feathered fan and antler topped staff.