Posted on August 6, 2019

Well that is an odd acronym. (NAFLD) It stands for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Looks like I have it. Now What?

Well, a couple years ago I had an ultrasound to diagnose my adorable fatty liver. It must have been super cute on the ultrasound screen. Sweet chubby cheeks, and an adorable yellow/green pallor. Nice!

I told you it was cuter than a regular liver. source

I have always been a carbohydrate eater. Most of my food intake is grains. For a while there was plenty of corn in the form of crispy corn chips and tangy salsa. Those wonderful processed grains do a great job of wreaking enough insulin havoc that they slide right in and settle down as fat.

Now I just have to change my diet so that my liver looks normal. The process is probably going to involve a largely plant based diet. Yay for veggies! Just have to get used to chomping on them. Learning to slice them may also be a positive thing. I don’t mind it. I actually like the idea.

I should also get rid of sugar in my diet. I have been able to do it for a week or two at a time. Now I just have to do it for 3 years. That may be a bit of a challenge. Over the last two weeks I have been bombarded with candy because of parades. People just throw candy in the streets. Makes things pretty hard to avoid. Even if I am the one throwing the candy around.

Several months ago I picked up a couple e-books for my Kindle reader. One is “How Not To Die Cookbook” and the other is “Forks over Knives – The Cookbook“. Both of these should have me on the right track. Now I just need to move out of dad’s house so that I can cook things properly for myself. Thankfully I will have a real kitchen! Whoopie!