New Habits

Posted on May 19, 2019

I came across two nice videos today. The first is a talk by Leighton Grey, a game developer who was on the team for “Dream Daddy”. A game that I enjoyed a while back, about dating hot dads in the neighborhood. It was built on a standard dating sim, but was filled with fun images and a story that was strong. It is also great that she covers concepts of diversity in media creation.

In Leighton’s talk, she covers art history and how it relates to the online culture along with the value of sharing memes. Metamodernism is a term she brings up as a step beyond modernism and postmodern aesthetics and practice. Her talk is “How to write games without embarrassing yourself”.

The other nice video was about getting yourself to read more. Max Joseph is a filmmaker who sets out on a quest to visit some of the most beautiful bookstores in Europe and South America. He is on a journey to improve his reading habits and inspire himself to read. In the process he interviews a few notable people. There is the Guinness Book record holder for fastest reader, and an African American lady who is the first head of a college and teaches comparative literature.

The video is “BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content”