Oil Sketch

Posted on May 19, 2012

Showed up to the portrait group again. I want to work on my figure skills. They are slowly coming back. One of these days I might have something good to post. At the moment, I will just show the progress. The intention is to simply do and make it as consistant as possible. With that, there will be no portrait group next week. Hooray for holidays!

The session started off pretty shaky for me. I ended up making a few thumbnail sketches for composition. I did another to work on color, light, and surfaces. Once my palette got a bit toned down I worked a bit on the last sketch that focused on the basic shapes and relationships.

Hopefully sharing the steps will be useful. Of course, at the moment, it is a bit embarrassing. The sketch may seem a bit wonky, and in a sense it is. With all the clumsiness, or in spite of it, the likeness is there. I am just taking it one little painting at a time.

It was good to see Elizabeth Jose, George Chacon, and Adeana Carlyle again.

I really need to arrive a bit earlier to get a good spot.