Returning to Work

Posted on July 23, 2019

Hey there! It has been a while. I feel a bit odd coming back to the blog. It was never quite running on a regular schedule. I am coming back to it because a few things are happening.

The first thing is that my house is almost done! Wow! It has been several months. I am really excited about it! It will be great to share a few photos and cover the process of moving in. That is something to look forward to!

Right now I have to make decisions on appliances. I guess this blog posting is actually a way to put off making the decisions. Instead of dealing with finances and making large purchases, I figured I would work on myself. (Ha!)

I am also deciding what sort of art I want to put in a show. Egad! I don’t have paintings I really want to share right now! What I have is not quite right. Or, at least, I don’t feel that it is the most appropriate stuff.

Finishing the house means that I will have a dedicated studio space! My space is what most people would consider a dining room. For me, it will be a painting studio with great North light. On a side note, it also has a great view of the mountains. I won’t have curtains, so it may be subject to lots of light changes, which is not the best. The good bit is that it is really close to the kitchen! (Kidding.)

At the moment, the plan is to paint every day and record it. Essentially a daily vlog on painting and working out ideas. What? Working out ideas? That really means giving myself time to talk things out. One of my issues in life is living alone. I don’t get much of an opportunity to work out ideas. I don’t get to say things out loud. I am stuck with an internal monologue that just flows into nothingness. No record. No analysis.

Wait, why is it important to analyze what you are saying or thinking? Well, for me, when I watch things back I usually cringe at the words that come out of my mouth. It isn’t that I hate my voice. It is that I could be a bit more coherent on some issues. Listening to things again allows for a small taste of perspective. It is a tiny change in point of view, but I can expose issues of faulty understanding or weak reasoning.

Anyway, I hope it helps me deal with things and also allows me to grow as an artist.

Hope to catch you soon. Hugs to the universe.