Posted on May 4, 2021

I have lost my mind and made my first few steps to creating silver rings. Yesterday, I purchased the basic tools for small metal work from Amazon. Later in the day I purchased silver from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. I also purchased a few stones on Etsy. Now I realized that it is better to grab stones from Alltribes. I also just realized that most of the stamping work is done with regular leather working/stamping tools.

I first learned to make jewelry while at UNM in Albuquerque. They had a great small metals class. I made a couple basic rings but moved on to silver boxes that held electronics. Who really wants an all silver book light with a self contained battery and a hinged electroluminescent panel? Maybe I am the only one.

A couple years ago, my dad gifted me a beautiful silver cuff. I didn’t know how I felt about it initially. I appreciate the workmanship and the heritage. I understand the process and challenges with crafting these kinds of items. There is also a link to the people who have passed it down. It was great to have. After wearing it a bit, the cuff really grew on me. While I am not someone you would consider sentimental, there is a touch of meaning and identity that has rubbed off on me.

I have wanted some southwest turquoise jewelry for a while. A square stone and silver ring would probably suit me. I just haven’t been able to find something less than $300. Throwing around that kind of money on a decorative whim isn’t something that happens often for me. (never) But investing in some tools and learning the skills to create something goes down much easier. Let’s give it a shot.!