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Taos is my home. Every morning is a gift and every evening is a pleasure in this beautiful land. There has always been something that feels right when I am looking across the mesa or climbing the hills around this sunny and protected land.

My paintings are the product of an interest in color, the land and culture.

As a child I was fascinated by paper airplanes. Each time I threw a new plane there was a moment of excitement – What path would it take through the air? Is it a crasher? Would it twist in the air? By ripping and folding the paper I could effect the character of the plane, the balance, and determine how it would catch the breeze. Still, there were so many variables outside of my control, and each toss produced a unique path across the room. Some of my most ecstatic memories as a child came from those few moments when a breeze would catch the wings of the craft an drag it further and longer than it could glide on its own. I would be caught in an envelope of events that would never happen quite the same way again.

My experience of art hasn’t changed much from those first days of discovery and paper cuts. What ever form the things I make take, they are the product of ideas and materials that fall out like puzzle pieces, begging to be snapped together.

The material of the paintings is secondary to the experience of seeing them come together. The paths they take as the come into being. Each is just the captured history of the thoughts, energies and elements that went into creation. A painting is another kind of paper airplane. I can only hope that there are a few that have balanced wings – and the fortune to have a breeze that will catch.

Paper is humble. Malleable. Perfect in its beauty before it is touched. It is also expectantly waiting to be the store house of memories, the slate for change, the vehicle for ideas, or burned away for light and warmth. These are the same things I value in Art.

Over the years the form changed. Paper airplanes – to origami animals – written stories – silly sketches and doodles – recipes for computer games – to-do lists – photographs – and books. They dripped off into computer screens, the flickr of films and video games.