Thinking Taos

Posted on August 8, 2019

I am so lucky to be alive! I am also pretty fortunate to live in a beautiful place like Taos, NM.

We don’t have any control over where we are born. Some are born into difficult situations, others are born with advantages that are hard to imagine. Being born here is somewhere between the two. Taos is a place that is protected by a benevolent mountain that nourishes the people that sleep all around it. The rivers and streams that wash down make this island in the high desert bloom with life. It is also a place with hard financial realities. A place with scarce housing, seasonal jobs, tight budgets, and few opportunities for advancement. Because it is a community filled with amazing people, there are small shining responses to challenges like scarce housing, jobs, and advancement. In a place like this, you need to be resilient and positive to survive.

A small town is a tough place to live these days. The world is migrating to larger cities where there are jobs, schools, and outrageously expensive housing. Well, the jobs are pretty attractive. The rest of it is nice, but brings complications.

Would you like me to write a bit about the place and the people in this quirky little paradise? I might do it … if you beg. 😉

I came across a great blog post by “Girl Gone Travel” that highlights the people of Taos. There are some really nice photos and interviews with a few of my friends. Fantastic stuff!

I don’t consider myself a writer. Why am I thinking of doing an essay on the people of Taos? Why don’t I do a video? Well, a video is more complex. It takes more time, skill, and commitment. To make a good video, I have to write, plan, schedule, interview, light, arrange, scout, file transfer, compose music, record music, edit, create titles, render, upload, and probably promote. Gaak! I guess that is why the video thing is hard to deal with.