Video Blog Ideas

Posted on December 2, 2019

Over the winter break I hope to branch out and create a bit of a video blog. This may be a bit too much, but I hope that it will stimulate me to address local issues, history, and aesthetics.

What does that mean? It means staking out a weekly idea to explore. It may be a particular artist or gallery. It could be a place or tradition. From there, I would ask people about it, write a bit of a script, record and edit the sucker together. It is an opportunity to explore. There may be moments of recording my own artistic work.

An example may be “Mis Crismes“, a local tradition of visiting homes on Christmas to receive snacks. Children would knock on doors and hopefully the resident would give them a few nuts, candy, or other items to fill their bags. It is a tradition that has died out over the last 40 years.

I have heard stories of it from a few significant people. I also attended a Taos Historical Society event that covered the tradition.

Here is a brief article by Gloria Mendoza on her memories of Christmas in the 50’s.