Visiting the Fechin House

Posted on April 28, 2017

Nicolai Fechin – Eya

Last weekend was super beautiful. While it was cold Saturday, Sunday warmed up a bit in the afternoon. I took the opportunity to visit the Taos Art Museum in the home of the painter Nicolai Fechin. It is a beautiful property with intricate wood work and traditional mud walls. I love seeing the flecks of hay in the mud.

During my visit I was looking for what made Fechin’s work so eye catching. What was he doing that was expressive and intriguing? With Fechin, there is quite a bit going on. He really is boisterous in his technique. His abstracted backgrounds writhe with color and texture. The faces occasionally seem like almost an afterthought. The cheeks and brow are patted down on top of the undulating underpainting.

Leon Gaspard – Annie

They were also displaying some nice work by Leon Gaspard. A crisp sense of color. Earthy textures and a generous confident weight to each brushstroke.

Leon Gaspard – Rajputana Dancer

“Leon Gaspard was a Russian-born painter, known for his paintings of indigenous cultures and folk traditions. He tended to paint scenes with throngs of people, and his favorite locations were in small towns in Russia, Asia, and the Taos Valley. He spent his youth in Russia and later studied in Paris, where he became a well-respected painter. He moved with his wife, American ballerina Evelyn Adell, to the United States. They eventually settled in Taos, New Mexico, though he continued to devote much of his time to traveling to paint in remote locations.” – Wikipedia