What to do

Posted on May 19, 2019

What to do with the limited amount of time we have?

What do I want to do? I really want to make things. I want to write, or at least leave some sort of story. I can barely tell stories, but I have always been hungry to read or see someone like myself in the world. My story isn’t quite like others. I have never had the romantic, emotional, monetary desires that seem to be celebrated in contemporary culture. My perspective isn’t odd, it just doesn’t have much of a voice. At least in what I have been exposed to. Living at the end of a Google search, in the way I usually do – it is odd that I don’t have a regular diet of supportive and constructive media that informs my world. Sure, I have found wonderful queer illustrators and comic book authors that offer a valuable drip feed of validation. Netflix is actually doing a great job lately with green lighting more diverse content like Bonding or Special.

Dream Projects:
– Brief narrative video games
– Brief interactive visual art pieces
– Traditional art pieces (paintings)
– Portrait based art based on representing less visible communities