3D Printing

Posted on August 17, 2021

Lately I have been doing a bit of 3D printing. In the past, it has been about just getting prints to stick to the plate, or wrestling with printer filament. Theses days I am actually modeling things. Well, I have always modeled things, but now the original creation bit is beginning to take over. That is pretty exciting … and boring. Printing this way takes a long time. If you want to print big, it takes even longer.

Eye model for Sarah Stolar’s disco ball animatronics project.

For now I am focusing on figures, but hope to expand to framing devices and wood carving. CNC Routers work in a similar way. They cut out material instead of extruding out a ribbon of plastic. With a CNC system, I can carve wood, which may be a more desirable material. Plastic is light and can be detailed, but it doesn’t have history.

Figures printed for a project where they will be packed with simple electronics.

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