3D Printer

Posted on April 19, 2024

Thinking about 3D printed items that take common household objects and transform the function of them. An example might be a 3D printed part that turns a mason jar into a sippy cup. Maybe a 3D printed part that turns a standard ceramic pot into a slow watering device. The emphasis would be on usability and aesthetics. These would be things that are both useful and depending on the filament used, attractive or at least colorful.

3D printed frames

Posted on April 15, 2024

I want to create some 3D printed frames. Because my paintings are big and my 3D printer is small … I need to come up with a way to easily create frames in multiple pieces. It would be fantastic to have a system that would simply allow me to put in my basic dimensions and then automatically generate a series of frame parts ready for printing.

I started creating something like this in Tinkercad.

Colors for Southwest Santa Fe Style Homes

Posted on April 11, 2024

Northern NM Landscaping Ideas

Posted on April 11, 2024

AI Floorplan

Posted on April 11, 2024

Thinking about floor-plans that are assisted by AI.




QR Code Attendance

Posted on April 8, 2024

Playing with making a simple attendance system for classrooms at UNM-Taos that relies on a QR code generator and a simple database.

I think a good free simple example is https://checkin.briskcloudware.com/dashboard.html

The basic version I created so far is https://codepen.io/Nrico/full/YzMaBoY

My little simple version is all stuck on one page. It starts with the instructor creating a class/event check in with an associated QR code. I hope to allow them to download the QR code, print it, or simply keep it on the screen assuming that there is a projector in the classroom. The next step would be the student’s ability to use the QR code to check in with their name. After that, the instructor would either check the attendance or close the attendance recording for the class.

Building for Rental

Posted on April 8, 2024

Thinking about building rentals in my area. Need to figure out the whole process. It probably isn’t that different than the regular building cycle. Getting a construction loan to build and getting a contractor to do it for me. The main concern is building at the appropriate scale so that the rental cost covers the construction loan/mortgage. Oddly enough, I think I want to keep the properties, and just have some regular income. An appropriate size home would be a 3 bed 2 bath home in this area. It may or may not have a garage. In some cases it might just have a car port.

WordPress Block Themes

Posted on April 3, 2024

Thinking about the process of creating custom WordPress themes using the Block format. It is a completely new concept for me. I think it might be a valuable skill to learn. It could be “fun” in the infuriating way. There are a few resources that I want to preserve for future use.

The first item is a blank theme that allows you to discover font things and possibly arrangement of items. I don’t know how you would convert everything into a viable custom theme.

This article spends time explaining the parts of a WordPress theme. The interesting bit is “the Loop” which is a function that allows WordPress sites to display a continuous listing of “Posts” on a page.

This item is a little complex and overwhelming. Not sure what I can do with it beyond using it as a reference.

This is a pretty darn good tutorial. Though it is endlessly long. It should be helpful … if I have the time.

Gaak! There is also an update to Widget use in Block themes. I don’t know if I can take it. It seems to mix old format Widgets with the new Block Widgets. If that is a thing.

The slight plan for getting healthy

Posted on April 1, 2024

Yay. Another plan for getting healthy. And by healthy, I mean being together enough to not die soon. The main concepts on my mind are:

  1. Age in reverse: There is researcher out there who suggests some basic ways that the body can renew itself. While this has been sensationalized with the vision of aging in reverse, there may be a few benefits. One of the main concepts is to work hard at life. Getting relaxed and napping most of the time is just going to help you grow old quicker.
  2. Build Muscle: Part of what keeps you alive is having muscle apparently. While it obviously protects you from elements of frailty – there are other benefits. No, not talking about the benefits around making you look better … or am I? From my perspective, more muscle means a higher metabolism because you have to keep that extra muscle alive, and it is brilliant at being needy. The hormones and body processes around building and maintaining more muscle can also be positive.
  3. Make my Food: This side of things is about cooking for myself more. This morning I was thinking about “whole foods” and replacing it with its opposite “shelf stable foods”. The perspective I am taking on the issue is the need for additives to preserve foods for shipping, display, and storage. The use of these chemicals or reformulations of traditional foods is there to keep them from spoiling and poisoning us. It is also nice for them to either stay moist or crispy or flavorful during their time in the distribution network. The reason I am taking this perspective is that there are also very “processed foods” that aren’t necessarily less healthy because of their processing. Wine, whisky, and cheese aren’t exactly good for you, but their ridiculously involved processing doesn’t make them inherently unsafe. Oddly, the potentially dangerous rotting process is carefully maintained through this laborious processing.
  4. Exercise: This is intended to be regular … daily. I really want to focus on the silly usual items. Chest and Arms. Back and Shoulders. Legs and Ass.

Capsule Collection

Posted on March 26, 2024
  1. Denim Shirt: A classic denim shirt in a medium wash can serve as a versatile staple, offering a rugged yet timeless look.
  2. Leather Jacket: A well-fitted leather jacket in a deep brown or black adds a touch of rugged sophistication to the collection.
  3. Plaid Flannel Shirt: Opt for a plaid flannel shirt in earthy tones such as olive green, burgundy, and navy blue, providing warmth and texture to the ensemble.
  4. Cotton Henley: A comfortable cotton henley in neutral shades like heather grey or oatmeal offers a relaxed yet stylish option for layering.
  5. Chambray Button-Down: Incorporate a lightweight chambray button-down shirt in a soft blue hue for a casual yet polished look.
  6. Pants: Consider including a pair of pants in a rich tan or deep charcoal color, adding depth and texture to the collection.
  7. Dark Wash Jeans: Classic dark wash jeans in a straight or slim fit provide a versatile base for various outfit combinations.
  8. Wool Sweater: Add warmth and sophistication with a chunky knit wool sweater in a neutral tone like charcoal or heather grey.
  9. Graphic Tee: Introduce artistic flair with a graphic tee featuring a subtle western-inspired design or vintage print, incorporating pops of color like red or white.
  10. Accessories: Complete the look with accessories such as a distressed leather belt, suede boots in a neutral shade, and a wool fedora hat for added flair.