Lean To Shed

Posted on November 14, 2022

Looks like I want to try my hand at a little project. A 4’x8′ lean to shed on the side of my place. It will be a test to see if I can really build something on my own.

Block Project

This also looks pretty similar. The Block Project

Midjourney Ideas

Posted on November 11, 2022

Remaster of the image above

Dwell Home

Posted on November 10, 2022

I really like the simplicity of this home.


Posted on November 10, 2022

Playing around with Midjourney through Discord.

A man on a horse in the west

Playing with Dream Studio Lite

Posted on November 10, 2022

handsome young man person, long dark hair waving in the wind, portrait, shirtless, calm face with dreamy look, beautiful skin, lit with pastel pink and blue colors, head and shoulders, detailed cloth, long eyelashes, green eyes, large eyes, clouds in background that look like heaven, artstation, render, high quality, concept art

Minimal tiny home

Posted on November 1, 2022
Tiny Home

What is a desirable tiny home? How can we deal with housing in a constructive way? What is a bad solution?

I just noticed a story about Pallet creating shelters for homeless. While they seem to hit the basics, they also seem very emergency dwelling. Only a half step from tents. They claim to be insulated. Really doubtful about the long term relevance of these solutions.

There is a good article that breezes over some semi-current directions. Miles Howard writes in Tiny Houses about how Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) loans provide a partnership opportunity between the homeowner and a renter. It is just a 2020 pilot program but there are some interesting ideas.

Dignity Moves
Dignity Moves exterior

The center in Santa Barbara called Dignity Moves seems like a stronger solution that builds with panelized walls.

There was a recent conversation about housing in Taos at Bataan Hall. The event was fully attended. Housing is an important topic in our community.

The meeting in Taos on October 26, 2022

Machine Learning for Composition

Posted on October 25, 2022

There is some hype around the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) creating art that rivals the work of actual working artists. In many cases, this seems possible. The work created by the current systems are quite good. They also seem to offer a great deal of imagination. Though I think a few things may be going on behind the scenes that give the impression that the images created are greater than the sum of their parts.

Let’s talk about the sum of their parts. I mean the image sources and text identification systems that help categorize the images and image subjects. I am afraid that a good chunk of what is happening is just a mashup of image content and a smart implementation of keywords or tag association. The base technology of natural language understanding is pretty darn amazing. So it is fantastic that the brilliant word and context recognition that is going on with the typed in prompts for images. I also see that the systems have a pretty good understanding of what a head looks like. They even “understand” light transmission, physics, and other interactions that happen in the real world. They are pretty brilliant at starting with a mashup, or cloud of nothing, and slowly … iteratively making it make sense. Or getting the jumble of nonsense they start at, into something that humans are happy to qualify as a good result.


Runpod.io – a system where you pay for your cycles – and where I can get results by running …

Dreambooth Stable Diffusion – a set of code that allows for adding unique images/subjects to a system … that can be stitched into the results from a trained system

Dreambooth – original research repository from Google

Corridor Digital Video – that demonstrates some results from the system

Joe Penna’s implementation of Dreambooth available on github

Instructions on installing a specific version of Dreambooth

Stable Diffusion Handsome

Posted on October 25, 2022
Are they handsome?

Asked Stable Diffusion to make me some images of the most handsome man in the world. Are they really handsome?

There are some traits that may be considered hyper masculine.

I don’t know if I would be convinced that these are truly attractive people. I mean, I can see the elements that would grant them favor in society. There are also elements that signal that they are well groomed and of a certain social level.

How to change a life

Posted on October 25, 2022

I have become a little frustrated by the lingering pandemic habit of laying on my couch to get through the day. It has transformed into a television watching issue. It is eating my life. Going to have to get back to the things I love about life, which all relate to making things. Gotta get myself stimulated in creative ways.

Today the thought revolves around the idea that I like making things for other people. The current thought is back to making videos and content around what I am curious about. To a degree, it is about an audience. But harnessing their responses to move me forward. Unfortunately, this is a bit dangerous for me. Creating things for outside approval has some issues. The main thing is uploading content and watching it, desperate for a positive response. This can get a little unhealthy for me. Really need to sit with it and figure out how to deal with it positively.

What am I actually thinking? Well, it has to do with Mr. Beast and the idea of really making engaging content. He employs several strategies that make his content enjoyable, engaging, and stimulating. A mix of curiosity baiting and expectation fulfillment – mixed with storytelling.

Mr. Beast thumbnail
Should my life look like this?

Can someone live a life like this? I appreciate the joy and fascination side of living like this. The idea of always talking like JoJo Siwa terrifies me. I mean, those buddhist monks that seem tickled by every idea and every experience they have … that seems pretty nice. I mean, I don’t quite want to falsify those reactions. I want to welcome them in and place myself in a state to receive joy and appreciation. I see plenty of people who have primed themselves to accept disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Is this how it starts? What is my catch phrase going to be?

Maybe what I am really after is permission to be the hero of my own story. The protagonist of what I want out of life. A process of recognizing and digesting my experiences. Processing what my life is …? That could be a bit dangerous. That means selecting parts of my life over others. Cutting out the down time. Focusing on the accomplishments and not the work involved in reaching those goals. All sticky stuff to deal with. Though worthwhile things to learn.

Stable Diffusion generated image of Mr. Beast style thumbnail
This is what I am going for

Employee-less Store

Posted on October 13, 2022

While driving home from work yesterday I was thinking about the future of “bargain” stores. An example is the where each day the price of the remaining products in the store goes down. On the first day boxes of random Amazon return items are opened up in the store. People line up outside to get first chance at grabbing the high dollar items. As the week drags on, only less expensive stuff is left. On the final day, the dregs are only a dollar.

Another example is the Aldi stores that only really employ cashiers. The customers do most of the rest of the work. Customers manage the shopping carts and return them to the store. Customers pick their products out of cardboard boxes. Customers place their groceries in their vehicles.


My store concept is a bit of a hybrid between these two concepts.

Let’s start at the beginning. These stores pop up based on the most cost effective space available. The space is rented and there is no signage on the street or in the store. All support services like security and cleaning are contracted out. Trucks deliver boxes of products that are simply randomly placed on the store floor. The actual store element is essentially an App that helps you find the store and the products you want. It will direct you to the building, and then once at the store you use it to direct you to the boxes. You check the price by scanning the UPC codes or rely on the App guiding you to the product. The checkout process may be the only human handled part of the experience. Shoppers might actually have to bring their own moving carts and bags. (Shopping carts and bags may be sold on site.)

Warehouse shopping

But isn’t that just a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club? Well, almost. The idea is that it is even more stripped down. Lower investment in facilities. Lower investment in staff. Products offered based solely on their ease of availability and appropriate margin.

Going almost completely employee-less would require an investment in technology and hardware. These would be scanning stations and security cameras.