Posted on September 11, 2023

Some slit scan toys.




Slit Scan Shadertoy

Shadertoy alt

Horizontal Slit Scan – Shadertoy

Horizontal Slitscan

pretty good slitscan

Taos Videos

Posted on August 7, 2023

How to create a script for a youtube video. I want to make YouTube videos about Taos, New Mexico. Specifically about the tourism and culture side of the community. These videos would focus on shopping, hiking, community history, and places to see or stay. Shopping videos will highlight different kinds of stores like sports stores, outdoor stoors, jewlery stores, art galleries, and maybe even grocery stores. Hiking videos will highlight trails, camping facilites, good times to hike, parking capacity, and safety tips. Community History videos will deal with historic sites, homes, and neighborhoods. They will emphasize the distinct communities, economics, stories and social impact of various storical figures. The places to see or stay videos will highlight the names and locations of various sites and hotels. They will also rate and list the facilities available there.

Creating a script for your YouTube videos on Taos, New Mexico, focusing on tourism and culture, is a great idea. A well-structured and engaging script can help you deliver your content effectively to your viewers. Below, I’ll provide a general outline for each type of video you mentioned: shopping, hiking, community history, and places to see or stay. Feel free to modify and expand these outlines to suit your own style and content.

  1. Introduction:
    • Greet your audience and introduce the topic of the video (e.g., “Welcome to our Taos, New Mexico travel series!”)
    • Briefly explain the focus of the video (e.g., “In this episode, we’ll be exploring the vibrant shopping scene in Taos.”)
  2. Shopping Video:
    • Introduce the different types of stores you’ll be covering (sports stores, outdoor stores, jewelry stores, art galleries, grocery stores).
    • For each type of store:
      • Mention the store’s name and location.
      • Highlight unique products or services they offer.
      • Share any interesting stories or background about the store.
      • Showcase some items or scenes from inside the store (if possible).
  3. Hiking Video:
    • Introduce the hiking theme and the importance of outdoor activities in Taos.
    • Highlight the names and locations of popular hiking trails in Taos.
    • Share information about camping facilities, amenities, and reservations.
    • Discuss the best times to hike considering weather and seasonal factors.
    • Offer parking capacity details and any relevant parking tips.
    • Provide safety tips for hikers, such as carrying water, wearing appropriate gear, and staying on marked trails.
  4. Community History Video:
    • Emphasize the rich history of Taos, New Mexico, and its significance in shaping the community.
    • Introduce the specific historic sites, homes, and neighborhoods you’ll be covering.
    • Share stories and anecdotes about notable historical figures from Taos.
    • Discuss the social and economic impact of historical events and figures on the community.
  5. Places to See or Stay Video:
    • Introduce the various sites and hotels you’ll be featuring.
    • Mention the names, locations, and any unique features of each site or hotel.
    • Rate and list the facilities available at each location (e.g., amenities, services, dining options).
    • Include personal impressions or recommendations based on your experience.
  6. Conclusion:
    • Summarize the key highlights from the video.
    • Encourage viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel for more Taos content.
    • Mention the next video or any upcoming content they can look forward to.

Remember to keep your script conversational, engaging, and natural. Consider using visuals like photographs, videos, or graphics to enhance the viewer’s experience. Practice delivering your script with enthusiasm and passion for Taos, and most importantly, have fun creating your YouTube videos!

Path towards economic equity

Posted on August 7, 2023

This morning I woke up thinking about the path towards greater economic equity in the United States. A mix of the influence and reach of Mr. Beast and engineering a series of small social steps that inhibit the financial spread between owners and their employees.

The abstract hope is to use silly things like machine learning to establish or discover areas within the structures of society, corporations, and community economics that are ready for influence that gives poor people more economic advantages. Or that limits the ability for weathy individuals or groups to take advantage of the poor.

Need to find out where this frame is made

Posted on July 14, 2023

Shed Foundation

Posted on July 3, 2023

Thinking about the design of the shed foundation. This seems to be a pretty good realistic source done in Oklahoma.

Where money can be made

Posted on June 21, 2023

For the moment I am thinking about products that I can produce where the commercial version is extremely expensive … though the parts and production are relatively inexpensive. For now my list is a little small.

High End Gold Frames: Can be sold above $100 per linear foot. The base cost is about $3 for the lumber. The processing and hand work can be expensive. With current milling (CNC) production, a lot of the cost of production can be offset by technology. Though there is still plenty of effort in finishing and gilding the frames.

Electronic Water Conditioning or De-scaling: the commercial versions of these items can cost thousands of dollars. I just purchased a lower power near equivalent for $40. I can imagine that setting up some production of these could be relatively lucrative.

QR Code menu system: It is a QR code generating system, that helps get the menu on google, and also creates PDF sheets to print and put on tables. Ultimately it will also connect restaurant owners with payment systems. Will probably give away the menu system, but make it easy to tie into a payment system that generates income.

Domain Name: This has to do with getting a whole other branch of domain names done. In addition to .com or .edu, you can also have .morning, or .transit, or .success. Now I assume you have to do a bit of work to get these okayed. But after that you can hopefully make money from people who want their url to be good.morning, or sunny.morning.

Gay Taos History

Posted on June 21, 2023

Willard “Spud” Johnson:

Joseph H. Sharp triggering the art colony

Gay Jewish American writer Myron Brinig in 1939

Brinig penned two novels that included homosexual characters.68
Farrar & Rinehart published Singermann (1929), the story of Moses Singermann, his wife
Rebecca, and their six children, including two gay brothers Harry and Michael, and the erosion
of the family’s traditional Jewish values in America.

The Rabbles a group of poets including Alice Corbin, Witter Bynner, Haniel Long, Supd Johonson, and Lynn Riggs which formed in the 1920s.

Myron Brinig

“historical-hysterical” parade in Taos

Mabel Dodge Luhan’s Home: (ps. she bought it from my great great great grandfather) – Mabel being bi.

Mardsen Hartley in 1918 – landscapes – came to grieve over German cavalry officer Karl von Freyburg.

D.H. Lawrence and Freida

1936, Count Michel de Buisseret visited Taos, New Mexico and developed an instant crush on Johnson

Historian Flannery Burke argues that the Taos Anglo art colony operated under an inequitable hierarchy and that homosexual men made up the middle rungs while powerful women such as Mabel Dodge Luhan secured a place above them.

To remind Witter Bynner of who held the power, Dodge accused Bynner of tainting New Mexico by bringing homosexuality to the state. Bynner’s biographer discounts the slur as “so marvelous in its imaginative vindictiveness as to be almost forgivable.”139 I disagree. Attitudes such as this, whether vocalized or not, kept gay men and lesbians as second-class citizens. Dodge’s own experiments with homosexuality, did not translate into acceptance.

Northern New Mexico’s reputation for art made it attractive as a queer space and I have argued that the identity category of homosexual fused with artist and fostered queer culture outside of an urban context

Activist Harry Hay – moved to NM in 1970 (who was part of the Matachine Society)

RFD (Rural Free Delivery) – Living Batch Bookstore in ABQ – Country Women (CW) for women living with women

Elaine Mikels in 1972 – first Truchas, then Taos – also Bea and Ellen who moved from San Francisco to Taos.

Lesbian Land – north of Taos – Eleven lesbians fro Oregon heeded the call. — Oquitadas Feminist Farm

Radical Faeries – hay’s ideas influenced Don Kilhefner and Mitch Walker — connection to the LA Gay Liberation Front

Lama Foundation – Based on Hay’s Radical Faerie vision Kilhefner and Walker joined the faerie circle and became Radical Faeries in 1979. Eventually settling in the Zuni Mountains of NM today.

Journey towards same-sex equality in NM – acceptance of lesbian headed ranches and farms.

Ellen Levy edited the first lesbian and gay newspaper for Taos – Common Language

New Mexico Gay and Lesbian Homesteaders Association which also published “The Bulletin”

Taos Horsefly

University Templates: Tools

Posted on June 20, 2023

Thinking about creating some freely available tools that will help complete simple office tasks.

  1. Email Signature Generator
  2. Word Doc formatting scrubber: removes weird formatting from microsoft
  3. AVERY template generator
  4. AVERY label assistant: Upload a CSV file and create formatted PDF files for printing
  5. Button template generator: create button templates … generates PDF files
  6. PDF Tiler: Blows up a standard PDF into a multiple PDF printable document
  7. Invoice Generator:
  8. Foldable Booklet Assistant: Helps you create a simple bi-fold brochure. Primarily text. Specifically, it helps with the multiple page front/back and page numbering. Either generates a PDF file or a Word Document.
  9. Letterhead with school colors and logo: a tool that auto generates two or three standard formats
  10. Business Card Assistant: A mix of the Avery templates and auto duplication of the basic info.
  11. HTML Table tool: converts an excel spreadsheet into HTML table code
  12. Simple HTML styler: tool that allows you to style text and creates a simple CSS element
  13. 3D flip book:

Book Exchange Drop Box

Posted on June 14, 2023

The basic idea is a wall of windowed boxes that items for sale can be placed in. Off to the side of the boxes is a Point of Sale machine. Buyers place money in machine to open the product doors. Sellers fill product boxes and set a price that will open the door.

Template Site

Posted on June 8, 2023

Thinking about my design template site for colleges and universities. The idea is to create resources that would help a design and marketing team at a college or school. Templates for newsletters, course offering booklets, brochures, letterhead, campus maps, and a whole range of other items. There would be a few core design directions.

Core Designs

  • Ivy League – classic east coast feel
  • Sport State – a more midwestern feel
  • Faith School – a lighter feel
  • Contemporary College – direct and clean

Constant Parts

  • Web design
  • Catalog design
  • Letterhead design
  • Newsletter design
  • Booklet design
  • Brochure design
  • Social design
  • Campaign design
  • Swag design
  • Form design
  • Document design
  • Syllabus design
  • Mailer design
  • Postcard design

Alternative Parts

  • Video Titles
  • Video lower thirds
  • Video banners
  • Digital signage