The slight plan for getting healthy

Posted on April 1, 2024

Yay. Another plan for getting healthy. And by healthy, I mean being together enough to not die soon. The main concepts on my mind are:

  1. Age in reverse: There is researcher out there who suggests some basic ways that the body can renew itself. While this has been sensationalized with the vision of aging in reverse, there may be a few benefits. One of the main concepts is to work hard at life. Getting relaxed and napping most of the time is just going to help you grow old quicker.
  2. Build Muscle: Part of what keeps you alive is having muscle apparently. While it obviously protects you from elements of frailty – there are other benefits. No, not talking about the benefits around making you look better … or am I? From my perspective, more muscle means a higher metabolism because you have to keep that extra muscle alive, and it is brilliant at being needy. The hormones and body processes around building and maintaining more muscle can also be positive.
  3. Make my Food: This side of things is about cooking for myself more. This morning I was thinking about “whole foods” and replacing it with its opposite “shelf stable foods”. The perspective I am taking on the issue is the need for additives to preserve foods for shipping, display, and storage. The use of these chemicals or reformulations of traditional foods is there to keep them from spoiling and poisoning us. It is also nice for them to either stay moist or crispy or flavorful during their time in the distribution network. The reason I am taking this perspective is that there are also very “processed foods” that aren’t necessarily less healthy because of their processing. Wine, whisky, and cheese aren’t exactly good for you, but their ridiculously involved processing doesn’t make them inherently unsafe. Oddly, the potentially dangerous rotting process is carefully maintained through this laborious processing.
  4. Exercise: This is intended to be regular … daily. I really want to focus on the silly usual items. Chest and Arms. Back and Shoulders. Legs and Ass.

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