Taos Plaza 2023

Posted on October 30, 2023

I decided to spend a little time researching the Taos Plaza project. There have been several issues with the plaza to take care of. I am glad that they are doing it.

  • Uneven Brick Work: Near the gazebo there are several areas where the bricks are uneven and sink down a bit.
  • Drainage: There are several problems that seem pretty apparent.
  • Several Levels: The useful area could be expanded by simplifying the level changes across the plaza.
  • Gazebo Use: Its primary use seems to be as a performance stage. It seems like the intention is to expand the octagonal base to include areas to perform.
  • Info Booth: Removal of the information booth.

There are also a couple issues that I personally have. The main one is the footprint of the veteran’s memorial. It seems to be a monument on top of a stucco pedistal/wall, on top of a platform that is blocked off by chains. The actual memorial is a small cross, a couple of plaques, a tiny statue, and two flag poles. My main point is that it takes up more space than necessary and that it feels a little hostile to people using the space. Though there are a couple benches and shaded areas that make the space nice too.

It seems that the area around the veteran’s memorial will be streamlined. Instead of walls, dividers, and a chain fence … the entire area will exist as a slightly elevated area. The edge of the area will simply be two or three steps down to the rest of the plaza.

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