Trying to stay away from social media

Posted on October 30, 2023

I have been a bit down the last few days. At this time of year I get down because my birthday is near and I end up evaluating my life in a less than positive light. Part of the depressing paralysis is brought on by a need to escape a bit. That happens with social media. I have been spending eight hours a day on it over the last three days. It isn’t healthy. I spend a bit of time bypassing the warning alerts on YouTube.

So, I hope to attempt a bit of a retreat from social media. Hopefully this looks like spending more time drawing, planning, and casually researching. I can still use the internet. I just can’t go to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Well, I guess I have to do a little of it for work. Other than that … hopefully I can restrain myself. I won’t be perfect, but let’s see if the change is manageable.

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