QR Code Attendance

Posted on April 8, 2024

Playing with making a simple attendance system for classrooms at UNM-Taos that relies on a QR code generator and a simple database.

I think a good free simple example is https://checkin.briskcloudware.com/dashboard.html

The basic version I created so far is https://codepen.io/Nrico/full/YzMaBoY

My little simple version is all stuck on one page. It starts with the instructor creating a class/event check in with an associated QR code. I hope to allow them to download the QR code, print it, or simply keep it on the screen assuming that there is a projector in the classroom. The next step would be the student’s ability to use the QR code to check in with their name. After that, the instructor would either check the attendance or close the attendance recording for the class.

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