Chaise Longue/Lounge – Daybed

Posted on May 1, 2023

It is going to be warm soon. I need a place to lay down and sit under my ceiling fan. At the moment I have my home configured a little oddly. I moved my living room furniture into a space that makes slightly more sense as a dining room. There is a nice chandelier in there, but no ceiling fan. My house doesn’t have air conditioning. It is a pretty traditional house, which assumes that cooling is done through air circulation and shade. My dining room space really isn’t designed for air circulation. That means that laying on the couch in the afternoon will be a little warm. My solution is to have a lounge bench in my actual living room space.

My actual living room is configured as a work space while my brother is living with me. I have some seating in there now, but it isn’t the lay-down kind. Lately I really need the nap and lounge space. It really needs to show up under the ceiling fan so I can paint and nap in the same space. Actually, now … the two activities don’t seem that compatible. Well, I have to make it work.

I am hoping to get something like this going. Pretty much a bench … but can be used to lay on or lounge. Throw a few pillows on the sucker and it will do the job. I just need to find a way to do it inexpensively.

Luckily I found a bench cushion supplier on Amazon that customizes that part of the construction. I should also be able to pick up some inexpensive legs too. I may end up making two of these. One for my living-room and another for my back porch. The couch I currently have made out of cinder blocks and pallets isn’t quite happening.

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