Gold Frame

Posted on October 12, 2022

Think I need to purchase a few gold frames for some new paintings. The ones from Jerry’s Artarama are pretty good. Can either go with the Arte ones, the Nouveau, or the Plein Aire. The very simple De Stijl frames are also nice. Now I just need to decide on the size. Should I go with 11″x14″ or 12″x16″ for a size? While I have been making paintings that are 10″x10″ lately 9″x12″ seems slightly small.

Museum Collection Arte frames

Art Supply Warehouse also has some nice floater frames. They aren’t gold, but the wood option is nice. Jackson’s also makes some nice wood floater frames.

Floater frame

There are some Joe Miller frames like the Calloway, and the Jefferson that may work. makes some passable simple gold frames.

You can also get Creative Mark Museum Frames on Amazon like this one or this one or this. The prices aren’t very good though. The simple gold ones are probably pretty good for the price.

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