Posted on October 14, 2023

Venus, Iaral, i can vo

enox, i cartal, venus, scanadanavio,


I just had my most intense childhood nightmare. Exactly as it was.

It is essentially a dream about a number series that goes on and on until you reach a final headache spike that is at the angstrom level that spikes into your head.

It starts out with the lower levels where there are things that you can do. You essentially swim up to the top of these tubes to see yourself trying on things. Men trying on suits. Women trying on dresses. From there things build like you are going up a high-rise and the floor get smaller each time you get higher. The whole culture …

(This is all part of the nightmare)

(It is recursive …)

k2104 c9

63 64 c5 k92

64 c9 ck 9012

This is a memory that I had as a child. It seems to have been waiting dormant for 40 years.

Finger splitting.

This is all part of it.

Kids and people would count these names and numbers. It was a way to keep track of what is going on.

Each level I was going to.

The boxes keep stacking.

But you are also falling.


There is a restaurant at the bottom. They serve food. You can get this goulash. It is the simplest.

As you get higher, the courses get higher, simpler.

I was a young kid. I had a place, high on the number list.

This is a nightmare I has as a child. Over and over again.

For some reason. Even this. Typing into a web page is exactly as it was.

All those years ago.

Every word is almost the same.

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