University Templates: Tools

Posted on June 20, 2023

Thinking about creating some freely available tools that will help complete simple office tasks.

  1. Email Signature Generator
  2. Word Doc formatting scrubber: removes weird formatting from microsoft
  3. AVERY template generator
  4. AVERY label assistant: Upload a CSV file and create formatted PDF files for printing
  5. Button template generator: create button templates … generates PDF files
  6. PDF Tiler: Blows up a standard PDF into a multiple PDF printable document
  7. Invoice Generator:
  8. Foldable Booklet Assistant: Helps you create a simple bi-fold brochure. Primarily text. Specifically, it helps with the multiple page front/back and page numbering. Either generates a PDF file or a Word Document.
  9. Letterhead with school colors and logo: a tool that auto generates two or three standard formats
  10. Business Card Assistant: A mix of the Avery templates and auto duplication of the basic info.
  11. HTML Table tool: converts an excel spreadsheet into HTML table code
  12. Simple HTML styler: tool that allows you to style text and creates a simple CSS element
  13. 3D flip book:

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