Where money can be made

Posted on June 21, 2023

For the moment I am thinking about products that I can produce where the commercial version is extremely expensive … though the parts and production are relatively inexpensive. For now my list is a little small.

High End Gold Frames: Can be sold above $100 per linear foot. The base cost is about $3 for the lumber. The processing and hand work can be expensive. With current milling (CNC) production, a lot of the cost of production can be offset by technology. Though there is still plenty of effort in finishing and gilding the frames.

Electronic Water Conditioning or De-scaling: the commercial versions of these items can cost thousands of dollars. I just purchased a lower power near equivalent for $40. I can imagine that setting up some production of these could be relatively lucrative.

QR Code menu system: It is a QR code generating system, that helps get the menu on google, and also creates PDF sheets to print and put on tables. Ultimately it will also connect restaurant owners with payment systems. Will probably give away the menu system, but make it easy to tie into a payment system that generates income.

Domain Name: This has to do with getting a whole other branch of domain names done. In addition to .com or .edu, you can also have .morning, or .transit, or .success. Now I assume you have to do a bit of work to get these okayed. But after that you can hopefully make money from people who want their url to be good.morning, or sunny.morning.

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