Contemplating my art

Posted on February 18, 2022

Where am I with my art? I haven’t made a painting in a couple months. I have ideas brewing, but very little on canvas. My space is my own again. I have the ability to store old works. My problem is that I don’t really sell things. How do I get things sold? Join group shows?

I really need to have an identifiable style. A range of colors. The way faces are constructed. Like a fashion house, I need my core elements. Are they texture, weight, attitude? Materials? Woman?

It is about why I paint. I paint for me. I paint for pleasure. I paint to observe. I paint to appreciate. I paint to learn. I paint to be excited. I paint to think and contemplate. I paint to plan. I paint as a diagram. I paint for texture. I paint for color. I paint for body. I paint for cute and comfort. I paint with music. I paint with dancing. I paint with joy. I paint with discipline. I paint with breaks. I paint for mental health. I paint to be proud. I paint to be in existence. I paint to have memory. I paint to discover layers. I paint to etch thoughts. I paint to perform gestures. I paint for repetition. I paint to uncover.

I paint to capture. I paint to interpret. I paint to duplicate. I paint to shape. I paint to mold.

I paint with what I have.

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