Posted on July 25, 2022

I have a small engraving/cnc machine and I am thinking about future projects. Really want to work with Blender to develop some files to cut. One piece of software that can run a CNC machine would be BlenderCAM. Will see about getting it installed properly on the laptop. Last time I tried, it didn’t work. It may have just been an outdated OS issue. Fingers crossed.

Work by David Sheehan
Wood carving by PatrociƱo Barela
Work by an unknown NM artist
A really great example of carving by DariuszMax
An example of something that could be done with a CNC machine by this producer

Relief with Blender

Well, now we are talking about using software to get us there. Here is a sweet tutorial that gets us started. In sculpture, this low relief process is called Bas Relief. Here is one video tutorial that explains the process. This time-lapse video may give a few hints on creating the low relief in blender. This is a detailed description using Z-brush.

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