Software as a Service (SAAS)

Posted on October 6, 2022

Okay. Thinking about creating a few web based services that people will consider paying for.

  1. AVERY Label printing service: allows you to choose from a few of the Avery layouts and will let you upload a list of names to print.
  2. Bookmark layout: a simple bookmark template that will help you print bookmarks
  3. Calendar printer: Allows you to make basic calendars
  4. To Do printer: Allows you to print nicely formatted to do lists
  5. Dot planner: Allows you to print nicely formatted dot planner layouts
  6. Get Things Done: GTD templates
  7. Weight Training: Weight training plan
  8. Envelope Address Printer: Create customized envelope letterhead
  9. Letterhead templates: Web based letterhead template
  10. QR code generator: for labels
  11. Booklet maker: The simplest multi page foldable booklet (similar to tri and bi folds)

It looks like I can create PDF files directly in someone’s browser. Client side. This does the trick.

Here are a few example of makers.

Calendar maker

Code Pen example of PDF maker

Calendar with a nice design And another

This article about creating CSS print style sheets is really nice too. This is also pretty good. This also has some good pointers.

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