Stable Diffusion

Posted on October 10, 2022

Let’s talk about the latent space created by training an algorithm about images of our world.

At the moment I am using DreamStudio Lite as a gateway for creating images. Using it through a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. Following this description of the setup. Considering using this system to create images based on the work of the Taos Society of Artists.

Github resource for Stable Diffusion.

PROMPT: Oil painting by Joseph Henry Sharp of an Indian on horseback riding through yellow aspen trees in the Fall in Taos. 
PROMPT: Oil painting of Taos Pueblo Indian by a stream during the Fall. 
PROMPT: Oil painting of Taos Pueblo Indian on horseback riding through sagebrush.
PROMPT: Man on the back of a white horse, oil painting. Generated image based on photo of original piece.

Here is a better perspective on using this from a different perspective. I really want to put in specific people and a range of Taos styles.

PROMPT: Man sitting in sunshine on the grass
PROMPT: Man with hat

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