New lights for painting

Posted on March 23, 2023

Picked up some lights to make painting at night a bit easier. They may be overkill but are definitely useful for pretty much everything I do. They will make it easier to see what I am doing. Lately it has been almost impossible to paint. The days have been grey and rainy. Usually Taos as fantastic sun.

My living room is pretty bright and sunny during the day but the lights aren’t quite enough at night. For a while I was painting in my side room I set up a nice overhead LED work light that was pretty cheap but useful. Was able to do some nice work with them. I need good light to judge the mixing of colors. I realize that I mix my colors a little too much. Things may be a little washed out. I have been trying to push out of that world … but painting in the shadows doesn’t help much.

The lights are pretty color accurate for the price. I have high hopes. Just picked them up.

I will also use them for video work and photography. So excited!

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