Worthless Publishing

Posted on March 27, 2023

Another moment of spurting out information that people don’t need and don’t want. Broken ideas and poorly formatted text.

Woke up and did a little exercise. Trying to do little bits of exercise every day. Waking up and doing it immediately. This morning it was just 10 minutes of core exercises from Apple Fitness +. Core with Kyle.

Watched Everything Everywhere All at Once with my sister, Matt and Clayton last night. I enjoyed the odd film. At the moment it is pretty impressive that it won so many Oscars. Thinking that Hollywood may be tiring of the Marvel-like formula movie. Or it could be a Chinese conspiracy. (wink) I am just glad that it takes a different path with the heroes. There isn’t the usual masculine role. The theme is kindness and understanding to save the multiverse. A very different take on saving the Marvel multiverse.

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